Slingo Fortunes

Travel all the way to the East of the world in Slingo Fortunes, choose your lucky red envelopes carefully to be in with a chance of winning a £100,000 jackpot!

How do you play Slingo Fortunes?

Slingo Fortunes is different from other Slingo games. You begin by placing your bet from £1 to £100. You will be faced with 26 envelopes one of which you must choose – choose wisely, you may have the chance to win the prize inside your lucky red envelope at the end of your game!

As you begin your game, spin the wheel and match the appearing numbers with those on your grid. When you open five envelopes in a row, column or diagonal you will be rewarded with a slingo! This will move you up a place on your prize ladder which will multiply your winnings!

How do you win Slingo Fortunes?

After you have won four slingos, you will be offered a prize – you will be given the choice to accept your offer or continue playing the game and build on your current winnings. What will you decide?

Are you feeling lucky?

Games symbols

Some familiar Slingo symbols will help you along the way with your lucky red envelopes.

  • Joker – opens any envelope in the column they appear in
  • Super Joker – opens any envelope in your grid
  • Free Spin – receive a free spin at the end of your game
  • Devil – blocks matches on your grid