Slingo Classic 20th Anniversary

To celebrate 20 years of Slingo fun, Slingo Classic takes you back – with the retro appearance and the original Slingo features that you have known and loved all of this time. Start your Slingo journey all the way back over the last 20 years…

How do you play Slingo Classic?

As with every Slingo game, playing is simple, begin by placing your bet using the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons on your screen. Once you have entered your game match numbers on your reel with those on your 5×5 Slingo grid.

How do you win Slingo Classic?

To win Slingos, complete rows of matches vertically, horizontally or diagonally – these will help you win prizes. Move further up the prize ladder on the left of your screen – prizes will increase with every step you take.
You will be given an initial 11 spins, but you will have the opportunity to purchase extra spins at the end of your game for another chance to bag prizes.

Slingo Classic Symbols

Look out for these familiar Slingo symbols to help you along the way:

  • Joker – mark off any number in the column above where it appears
  • Super Joker – mark off any number in your 5×5 grid
  • Coin – an instant prize will be won
  • Free Spin – you will be awarded with a free spin on your reel
  • Devil – watch out for devil symbols blocking matches on your Slingo grid
    Three or more Jokers or Super Jokers appearing on your reel will land you with an instant cash prize.