Slingo Centurion

Travel back in time to ancient Rome, with the Slingo adaptation of the popular slots game Centurion. March your army up the ladder to unlock bonus rounds and slingos to help you conquer the enemy! Get your helmet on!

How do you play Slingo Centurion?

Begin by setting your stake between £0.20 and £25 and press ‘START’. You will have ten spins in order to match numbers on your 5×5 grid with those on the wheel. Slingos are awarded with completed lines from left to right – this will trigger bonus rounds.

How do you win Slingo Centurion?

The key to winning Slingo Centurion is through winning slingos with completed lines, which will activate bonus rounds – these are an opportunity to win multipliers and cash prizes!

Get your armour on and slingo!

After your ten spins are up, you can purchase more spins to continue your game.

Bonus Rounds

Bonus rounds you will find on your way to Rome:

  • Prizes on Parade – hit stop on a spinning reel to reveal the multiplier you have won
  • Road to Rome – roll the dice to move your way around the board, taking your adventure all the way to Rome. Collect prizes on your way around the board, if you reach Rome, a cash prize awaits!
  • Reelus Maximus – spin the reels and hope for a win
  • Caesar’s Free Spins – King Caesar will reward you with free spins or multipliers!

Game Symbols

These in-game symbols will help you along your adventure to Rome!

  • Joker – mark any number in the row above
  • Super Joker – mark any number on your grid
  • Devil – blocks you from marking numbers in that row

You will also find the Colosseum, shield and Centurion logo, to help you win prizes at one of the great Slingo games!